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The Story of Victor Education Group:

Prior to coming to Canada from China in 2001,  David  travelled to many places around the world – meeting different ethnic groups and learning a variety of different languages.     One of his first jobs in Canada was as a student recruiter for corporate education, it was here that he learned how to hone in on the needs of his clients.  As a recruiter with excellent customer service skills David learned how to professionally  advise clients on how best to achieve their educational goals.   With his savvy business skills and affinity for different cultures and languages David opened his first school in  2003. He became a well known TOEFL and IELTS teacher helping students to achieve their educational goals of attending university.  As word of his teaching abilities and reputation of his school spread, he was able to open another institution and continued to seek out new opportunities.     Today, the  Victor Education Groups operates five schools in West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and Vancouver.      David is an excellent educator who is extremely open minded and cares about the future of education in British Columbia.